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Rogue River Blue

Rogue Creamery was opened by Ig Vella, master cheesemaker in the West in the midst of the Depression in the 1930’s. In 2002, the crumbling infrastructure of the dairy was purchased and rebuilt. From this David Gremmels created the first ever blue cheese on the west coast, award winning Rogue River Blue and also the first ever smoked blue cheese. This blue is cold smoked for 16 hours over northwest-grown hazelnut shells. Sweet notes of earth and grass are balanced by smoke and spice. Caramelized walnuts make a great accompaniment with this blue, as do stouts and big reds.

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Product Specifications

  • Milk:

    Raw Cow

  • Rennet:


  • Producer:

    Rogue Creamery

  • Made in:

    United States Central Point, OR